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Allergan plc
Public limited company
Traded as
IndustryPharmaceutical industry
PredecessorsAllergan, Inc. and Actavis before the 2015 Irish tax inversion and merger
FoundedMay 16, 2013; 6 years ago (2013-05-16) upon the combination of Allergan Finance, LLC (Actavis) & Warner Chilcott
March 17, 2015; 4 years ago (2015-03-17) renamed to Allergan Plc upon the merger of Allergan, Inc and Actavis
FounderAllen Chao Edit this on Wikidata
HeadquartersClonshaugh Business & Technology Park, Coolock, D17 E400, ,
Number of locations
40 manufacturing facilities, 27 global R&D centres and marketing/sales facilities worldwide.
Area served
~100 countries
ProductsBranded pharmaceuticals
RevenueIncrease $16.089 billion (2019)
Decrease -$5.142 billion (2018)
Total assetsDecrease $94.699 billion (2019)
Total equityDecrease $58.195 billion (2019)
Number of employees
17,800 (2018)
Footnotes / references

Allergan plc is an Irish-domiciled pharmaceutical company that acquires, develops, and markets brand name drugs, and in 2017 generated 80% net sales from the U.S. healthcare system.[1][2] Allergan plc was formed in February 2015 when Irish–registered Actavis plc acquired U.S.–registered Allergan, Inc., and assumed the Allergan name. Actavis was a 2013 U.S. tax inversion that moved its legal domicile to Ireland to avoid U.S. taxes.[3] Actavis used the Irish low-tax corporate system to acquire large U.S. pharmaceutical firms (e.g. Forest Labs, Allergan Inc.), and redomicile them to Ireland.[4]

In 2016, the U.S. Treasury blocked Actavis from executing what would have been the largest corporate tax inversion in history, in a $160 billion merger with Pfizer.[5] In 2016, the generics unit was sold to Teva.[6]

In June 2019, U.S. pharmaceutical company AbbVie announced it had reached an agreement to acquire Allergan for $63 billion; however the transaction would not be structured as a tax inversion, and that post the transaction, the Group would be domiciled in the U.S. for tax purposes.[7][8]

Allergan acquires, develops, reprices and markets branded products in six therapeutic areas: aesthetics/dermatology/plastic surgery; neurosciences/CNS; eye care; women’s health and urology; GI and cystic fibrosis; and cardiovascular disease and infectious disease.


Predecessor companies (Pre 2015)

Allergan plc was created from the 2015 Irish corporate tax inversion of two companies, Irish-based Actavis plc and U.S.-based Allergan, Inc.

Actavis plc (Watson Pharmaceuticals)

In the spring of 1983, colleagues Allen Chao and David Hsia formed Watson Pharmaceuticals, a small drug development company with funding from friends and family. The founders established an initial product development and analytical laboratory with four other employees in a leased space in Libertyville, Illinois.

In late fall of 1983, the company moved to a 2,000-square-foot leased facility in Corona, California and began the development and manufacturing of generic pharmaceuticals.

In 1993, the company became a public company via an initial public offering.

In 2011, the company moved its corporate headquarters from Corona, California to Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey.[9]

On October 31, 2012, Watson acquired Actavis for 4.25 billion and took the Actavis name.[10]

On October 1, 2013, Actavis acquired Irish–registered Warner Chilcott for $5 billion and used the transaction to execute a corporate tax inversion to Ireland.[11][12]

In 2014, Activis plc, now Irish-tax registered, acquired Forest Labouratories for $25 billion.[3]

In July 2015, the Wall Street Journal noted that Ireland's lower effective tax rates made U.S. multinationals who inverted to Ireland highly acquisitive of other U.S. firms (i.e. they could afford to pay more to acquire U.S. competitors to re-domicile them to Ireland); after Activis completed its inversion, other pharmaceutical companies also performed inversions to Ireland including Endo International, Mallinckrodt and Horizon Pharma.[4]

Allergan, Inc.

Logo used for the original Allergan until the merger with Actavis in 2015
Allergan, Inc. headquarters in Irvine

In 1950, pharmacist Gavin S. Herbert established Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Allergan focused on the discovery and development of novel formulations for specialty markets, as well as intimate collaboration with physicians and the scientific community. In 1953, Allergan produced eye drops and formulated new products such as the first cortisone eye drop to treat allergic inflammation and the first ophthalmic steroid decongestant.

In 1970, the company became a public company via an initial public offering. In 1980, it was acquired by SmithKline Beckman for $259 million in 1980. In 1989, Allergan was spun-off by SmithKline Beckman.[13]

In 1998, David E.I. Pyott became chief executive officer of the company, a position he held until the merger in 2015.

In July 2002, the company spun off its ophthalmic surgical and contact lens care businesses into Advanced Medical Optics (now Abbott Medical Optics).[14]

In 2003, Allergan's flagship product, Botox (Botulinum toxin), was the focus of a high-profile lawsuit and media scrutiny.[15]

On March 1, 2013, the company acquired MAP Pharmaceuticals for approximately $958 million.[16] In December, the company sold its obesity intervention business to Apollo Endosurgery, for a cash payment of $75 million and $15 million of stock.[17]

Tax inversion with Actavis plc (2015–2019)

Allergan plc headquarters in Ireland

On March 17, 2015, Irish–based Actavis plc acquired U.S.–based Allergan, Inc. for $70 billion, and in effect redomiciled Allergan to Ireland in a corporate tax inversion.[3][18] In June 2015, the company took the Allergan name for the combined group.[19] At the time of the corporate tax inversion to Ireland, over 85% of the combined sales of the post-merger Allergan plc were from the U.S. healthcare system, and Irish sales were too small to be categorised.[20]

2015: Post tax inversion transactions

On July 7, 2015, the company acquired the rights to the late stage CGRP migraine portfolio of Merck & Co, as well as two experimental drugs (MK-1602 and MK-8031) for an upfront payment of $250 million.[21] On August 10, the company acquired Oculeve for $125 million.[22] On August 31, the company acquired Naurex for an upfront payment of $560 million.[23] On October 19, the company acquired AqueSys, developer of ocular implants that reduce intraocular pressure associated with glaucoma, for an initial payment of $300 million.[24] On October 1, the company acquired Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, a company focused on the medical aesthetics market, for $2.1 billion.[25] On November 4 the company announced the acquisition of Northwood Medical Innovation, developer of earFold, a medical device to correct protruding ears.[26] On November 25, 2015, the company announced it would partner with Rugen Therapeutic to develop new therapies for autism spectrum disorder, rabies and obsessive compulsive disorder.[27]

2016: Abandoned tax inversion with Pfizer

On November 23, 2015, Allergan and Pfizer announced their intention to merge in a $160 billion transaction, the largest pharmaceutical deal and the third largest merger in history.[28] On April 5, 2016, after the Obama administration announced its plan to ban tax inversions, Pfizer terminated the acquisition and paid Allergan a $150 million breakup fee.[29]

2016: Sale of Actavis Generics to Teva

On April 6, 2016, the company announced it would partner with Heptares Therapeutics in a deal valued up to $3.3 billion to collaborate on the development of a subtype-selective muscarinic agonists for Alzheimer's disease and other major neurological disorders.[30] On April 21, the company announced the acquisition of Topokine Therapeutics for at least $85 million, gaining the phase IIb/III compound XAF5 - a treatment for dermatochalasis.[31]

On August 2, the company sold its generic drugs business to Teva Pharmaceutical Industries for $33.4 billion and 100.3 million shares of Teva.[32] On August 11, the company announced the acquisition of ForSight VISION5 for more than $95 million.[33] On September 6, the company acquired RetroSense Therapeutics for more than $60 million, gaining the positive photosensitivity gene therapy treatment, RST-001. RST-001 is to be used in retinas in which rod and cone photoreceptors have degenerated over time, causing in increase in the sensitivity of light hitting the retina.[34] On September 20, the company announced the acquisition of Tobira Therapeutics for $1.695 billion[35] and, a day later, the acquisition of Akarna Therapeutics for $50 million.[36] On October 3, the company sold Anda, its generic drug distribution business, to Teva for $500 million.[37] On October 25, the company acquired Vitae Pharmaceuticals, focused on dermatology treatments, for $639 million.[38] On October 27, the company announced it would acquire Motus Therapeutics, a developer of treatments for gastrointestinal disorders, for $200 million.[39] On November 22, 2016, the company acquired Chase Pharmaceuticals for an upfront payment of $125 million.[40]

2017: Additional acquisitions

On February 1, 2017, the company acquired LifeCell, a specialist in regenerative medicine, for $2.9 billion.[41] On April 28, the company acquired Zeltiq Aesthetics, marketer of a cryolipolysis procedure, for $2.4 billion.[41] On June 7, the company announced the acquisition of Keller Medical, a company that manufactures devices for use during breast augmentation surgery.[42] On December 12, the company announced the acquisition of Repros Therapeutics, a developer of drugs for reproductive system diseases.[43]

2018: Opioid epidemic

In 2018, along with several other drug manufacturers and distributors, the company was sued by several municipalities and states in the U.S. due to the manufacture by the company of opioids, which have been abused in what is known as the opioid epidemic.[44][45]

In September, Allergan acquired aesthetic company, Bonti, for $195 million.[46][47]

In March 2019, the company acquired Envy Medical, Inc., boosting its Medical Aesthetics portfolio.[48]

Acquisition by AbbVie Inc. (Post 2019)

In June 2019, U.S. pharmaceutical company AbbVie announced it had reached an agreement to acquire Allergan for $63 billion.[7] Unlike with Pfizer, the transaction, however, would not be structured as a corporate tax inversion; the post-transaction headquarters would remain in Abbvie's headquarters the U.S.[8] On the announcement of the transaction, Abbvie disclosed that its 2019 net effective tax rate, post the Trump Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, was already lower than that of Irish-based Allergan at 9%, but that post the acquisition, the Group's effective tax rate would rise to 13%.[8] As of 2020, the deal hasn't been concluded, although CEO Rick Gonzalez stated that the deal was on track to close at the beginning of the year.[49]

Acquisition history

Illustration of the company's mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs and historical predecessors

Allergan, plc
(formerly known as Actavis until June 2015
when it adopted Allergan's name. Acquired by Abbvie June 2019)
Actavis plc

Auden Mckenzie Holdings Limited
(Acq 2015)

Durata Therapeutics
(Acq 2014)

Silom Medical Company
(Acq 2014)

Forest Laboratories
(Acq 2014)
Aptalis Pharma

Axcan Pharma

Eurand Pharmaceuticals

Furiex Pharmaceuticals Inc
(Acq 2014)


(Acq 2013)

Uteron Pharma, S.A.
(Acq 2013)

Warner Chilcott Plc
(Acq 2000)

Procter & Gamble
(Prescription drug div, Acq 2009)


Watson Pharmaceuticals

Andrx Corporation
(Acq 2006)


Arrow Group
(Acq 2009)


Eden Biodesign


Specifar Pharmaceuticals S.A.
(Acq 2011)


Ascent Pharmahealth Ltd
(Acq 2012)


Actavis Group
(Acq 2012)

Allergan, inc

Kythera Biopharmaceuticals
(Acq 2015)

MAP Pharmaceuticals Inc
(Acq 2013)

Inamed Corporation
(Acq 2006)

(Advanced Medical Optics spun off in 2006)

Spun off in 2006

Abbott Laboratories
Acq 2007

Allergan, plc

Envy Medical, Inc.
(Acq 2019)

Repros Therapeutics
(Acq 2017)

Keller Medical, Inc
(Acq 2017)

Zeltiq Aesthetics Inc.
(Acq 2017)

(Acq 2016)

Chase Pharmaceuticals
(Acq 2016)

Motus Therapeutics
(Acq 2016)

Akarna Therapeutics
(Acq 2016)

RetroSense Therapeutics
(Acq 2016)

ForSight VISION5
(Acq 2016)

Tobira Therapeutics
(Acq 2016)

Vitae Pharmaceuticals, Inc
(Acq 2016)

Topokine Therapeutics
(Acq 2016)

Northwood Medical Innovation Ltd
(Acq 2015)

(Acq 2015)

Naurex Inc
(Acq 2015)

Oculeve, Inc
(Acq 2015)


Allergan acquires, develops, reprices and markets branded products in six therapeutic areas: aesthetics/dermatology/plastic surgery; neurosciences/CNS; eye care; women’s health and urology; GI and cystic fibrosis; and cardiovascular disease and infectious disease. The company's products include Botox (botulinum toxin), Namenda (memantine), Restasis (ciclosporin), Linzess (linaclotide), Bystolic (nebivolol), Juvederm (injectable filler), Latisse (bimatoprost), Lo Loestrin Fe, Estrace (estradiol), Teflaro (ceftaroline fosamil), Dalvance (dalbavancin, Ozurdex (dexamethasone), Optive, Natrelle, Viibryd (vilazodone), Liletta (levonorgestrel), Saphris (asenapine), Enablex (darifenacin), Actonel (risedronic acid), Androderm (testosterone), and Gelnique (oxybutynin).[1]

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