Applikon Biotechnology BV

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Applikon Biotechnology BV
Type Besloten Vennootschap
Industry Laboratory hardware
Laboratory informatics
Headquarters Heertjeslaan 2, Delft, The Netherlands
Number of locations 1
Area served Worldwide

Applikon Biotechnology BV develops and distributes biotechnology hardware such as advanced bioreactor systems. The company also makes laboratory informatics software solutions for the biotech industry.


The company was originally founded in 1973 and acquired by Getinge in January 2020.[1]

Technology and products

Lucullus PIMS and other software

Lucullus PIMS is a process information management system (PIMS) for bioprocess data management that "integrates functionalities activities around creating and planning of recipes, reactor allocation, design of experiments, media preparation, media component trace-ability, data analysis, data mining, automatic reporting and modelling."[2] Features include[2]:

  • experiment design
  • reactor planning
  • media preparation and tracking
  • parallel processing
  • SCADA support
  • data mining
  • batch reporting
  • data validation
  • data analysis

The company also offers related software such as BioXpert SCADA, V-Control, and iFix. See their software page for more information.


Demonstration videos and other media

The following demonstration videos for OneLab are available:

Additional videos for Applikon can be found on YouTube.

Additional information


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