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CannTest, LLC
Type Limited Liability Company
Industry Cannabis industry
Genre Cannabis testing
Headquarters 620 East Whitney Road, Anchorage, Alaska, U.S.
Number of locations 1
Area served Alaska
Key people Mark Malagodi, Jonathan Rupp
Services Cannabis testing and consulting

CannTest, LLC performs chemical Cannabis laboratory testing and provides consulting services, including strain and test development.[1][2]


The laboratory was formally founded in June 2014[3] and opened in October 2016.[4]


The following laboratory locations are known. Services may vary among locations:


Testing prices are[1][5]:

  • Potency: $80
  • Residual solvent: $80
  • Microbial: $100
  • Terpene: $70
  • Potency + microbial: $170
  • Potency + microbial + terpene: $230
  • Potency + residual solvent: $150

Bulk pricing is available to clients under contract.[4]

Additional information


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