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Developer(s) Clinovo, Inc. (dba ClinCapture)
Initial release April 9, 2013 (2013-04-09) ([1][2]
Stable release  (January 16, 2017; 10 months ago (2017-01-16))

Preview release 2.1.24  (April 12, 2016; 19 months ago (2016-04-12)) [±]
Written in Java, JSP, XML
Platform Cross-platform
Available in Multilingual
Type Electronic data capture
Clinical trials software
License(s) GNU Lesser General Public License[3]

ClinCapture is an open-source electronic data capture (EDC) system designed for data capture, query management, and reporting for clinical trials for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. It is a fork of OpenClinica 3.1.3.[1][4]

Product history

On April 4, 2013 support services company Clinovo, Inc. made its EDC tool ClinCapture, a fork of OpenClinica 3.1.3, available to the open-source developer community[5], though the company had publicly referred to its software as open-source before it was made public to the general community.[6] Clinovo CTO Mark Desgrousilliers stated the "decision to fork was borne out of a desire to: a) promote a higher level of quality in the code base itself, b) to provide a higher level of transparency, and c) to generate a feature set that was geared towards the needs of a CRO."[4]

A few days later on the ninth of April, the first public open-source release of ClinCapture was made available to the community[1][2] under the GNU Lesser General Public License[3]. Later that summer, Clinovo began offering hosting services for the software.[7]

In March 2016, Clinovo (which began doing business as "ClinCapture" in 2016) announced that it had attracted its two-hundredth clinical study to the ClinCapture platform.[8]

Features and versions

Features of the free downloadable open-source version of ClinCapture include[9][10]:

  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • real-time data access
  • support for multiple study sites
  • user roles and role-based security
  • patient management
  • query support
  • reporting

Clinovo also hosts several versions of its Clincapture software under the software as a service (SaaS) distribution model. It's Standard version is available for free, though Clinovo doesn't publicly make it clear what the limitations of the free version are.

The Premium version ($700/month) adds the following features[11][12]:

  • CRF annotations
  • Dynamic groups
  • Calendared visits
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Item-level SDV
  • Subject casebook in PDF
  • CRF masking
  • SAS extracts
  • CDASH CRF library
  • CRF evaluation
  • Level 1 support

The Premium version ($1,400/month) adds the following features[11][12]:

  • Randomization
  • ePRO
  • Medical coding
  • CDISC SDTM datasets
  • CTMS integration
  • EMR integration
  • Web services API
  • Global hosting preferences
  • Level 2 support

Videos, screenshots, and other media

  • Download the free open-source version from here or download the source code from here.
  • Documentation for the free downloadable version can be found on the ClinCapture wiki.
  • Videos of ClinCapture can be found here.
  • The ClinCapture brochure explaining Clinovo's hosted service is available here.
  • An archived version of the old ClinCapture brochure explaining the downloadable software can be found here.

Training resources

Clinovo offers several training resources to better understand the software.

Entities using ClinCapture

According to Clinovo, the following are examples of entities use ClinCapture[13]:

Acclarant, Accuray, Apnicure, BioMarin, Concentric Medical, Corcept, Digitaliza TXT, EO2 Concepts, Forsight Labs, GCP-Service International, Genentech, Gilead, Guided Delivery Systems, Integrium, Intuitive Surgical, Janssen, Kona Medical, Medivation, Nestle, NovaBay, Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacyclics, PRC Clinical, Regenexx, Sequenom, Sunesis, Synergy Research Group, Topera Medical, WCCT

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