Dionex Corporation

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Dionex Corporation
Former type Corporation
Industry Chromatography
Laboratory informatics
Fate Acquired
Defunct ~ 2017
Headquarters 1228 Titan Way
Sunnyvale, California
, United States
Number of locations 5
Area served Worldwide
Products Chromeleon
Parent Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
Website Dionex.com
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/11300

Dionex Corporation developed and manufactured chromatography equipment. The company also developed and distributed laboratory informatics software solutions for industries that utilize that equipment.


In December 2010, Dionex announced it had approved the purchase of the company by Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.[1] The purchase was finalized in May 2011.[2] While the details were not clear, Thermo Fisher had seemingly allowed Dionex to operate as a division or subsidiary after the purchase. However, by 2017, the Dionex web presence disappeared, and the company was presumably fully absorbed into Thermo Fisher Scientific.[3]

Technology and products


Chromeleon was a chromatography data management system (CDMS) "that supports mass sectrometer (MS) instrument control and data processing with all main front-end separation techniques (LC, GC, IC) in an enterprise environment."[4] The software was available in different versions, with version 6.8 providing "the broadest multi-vendor instrument control" and 7.2 adding support for mass spectrometry instruments.[4]

See the Thermo Scientific record for more about Chromeleon.