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Initial release 2014
Operating system Cross-platform
Platform Web-based
Type Laboratory informatics software

Docollab is a free internet-based service for documenting, collaborating and publishing scientific research.

Features [1]

Docollab can be used to store and work on any type of scientific research. The main components of the service are:

  • Protocol and experiment editor - A workspace for documenting the actual research, which includes formatted text, tabular data, files and scientific widgets such as reaction and well-plate editors.
  • Project management - Used to aggregate multiple protocols, experiments, files and tasks in folders and share them with multiple users.
  • Calendar - Provides a monthly, weekly or daily view of the experiments and tasks.


Docollab is free for any use (private, academic, commercial, educational or other).

Hardware/software requirements

Docollab is compatible with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer on any operating system.

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