Fink & Partner GmbH

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Fink & Partner GmbH
Type Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
Industry Laboratory informatics
Headquarters Am Sandthof 12, Goch, Germany
Number of locations 2
Area served Europe
Products [Dia]

Fink & Partner GmbH develops and distributes laboratory and scientific informatics software solutions.


The company was founded in 1991.[1]

Technology and products


[Dia] is a modular database solution for laboratories, very similar to a scientific data management system (SDMS). It's designed "for the use in laboratories for production, quality conformation, research and development in environmental analysis. It is not specialised on one specific branch."[1]

The company states the SDMS has the following features[2]:

  • data warehouse
  • instrument interfacing
  • automation of tasks
  • data validation
  • alarms and alerts
  • e-mail integration
  • data analysis tools
  • document management
  • barcode support
  • data import/export
  • file-level password security
  • recipe and specification management
  • workflow management


Demonstration videos and other media

Additional information


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