Genosity, Inc.

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Genosity, Inc.
Former type Incorporated
Industry Laboratory informatics
Fate Acquired
Successor Invitae Corporation
Defunct 05 April 2021[1]
Headquarters 485F Route 1 South, Iselin, New Jersey, United States
Number of locations 1
Area served North America
Products Integrated Genomic Toolkit

Genosity, Inc. provided laboratory informatics software solutions and industry services for biopharma and genomics research businesses and organizations.


Genosity, Inc. was formally founded as Genosity, LLC in November 2016 and became incorporated in January 2019.[2]

On April 5, 2021, Invitae Corporation announced that it had acquired Genosity for ~ $200 million.[1] Sometime in late 2022, the Genosity website went dark. As of November 2023, the Invitae website has no trace of Genosity's former LIMS+ system Integrated Genomic Toolkit. Invitae presumably absorbed Genosity and discontinued the software.

Technology and products

Integrated Genomic Toolkit

Integrated Genomic Toolkit was an "end-to-end software solution for the clinical next-generation sequencing (NGS) laboratory workflow."[3] The platform included a laboratory information management system (LIMS), an online ordering and reporting portal, cloud-based bioinformatics pipelines, case analysis tools, and a genotype-phenotype data warehouse (called Cortex).


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