ITs 4 H.E.ALT.H s.a.l

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ITs 4 H.E.ALT.H s.a.l
Type Société anonyme libanaise
Industry Laboratory informatics
Headquarters Furn El Chebbak, Damascus Road, Nakhle Building, Riyad El Solh, Beirut, Lebanon
Area served Middle East

ITs 4 H.E.ALT.H s.a.l is a distributor of other companies' laboratory informatics and education software solutions.


Technology and products

ITs 4 H.E.ALT.H acts as a distributor for DataSel and its AviCenna HIS/LIS product.[1] AviCenna was originally believed to be developed by ITs 4 H.E.ALT.H in 2013[2], but later website changes made it clearer that the company was only the distributor.