Körber AG

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Körber AG
Type Aktiengesellschaft
Industry Pharmaceutical
Headquarters Anckelmannspl. 1, Hamburg, Germany
Number of locations 20
Area served Worldwide
Website koerber-pharma.com
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/k%C3%B6rber/

Körber AG develops and distributes software and supply solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.


The Körber Group acquired Werum IT Solutions GmbH in early 2014.[1] Though Werum IT Solutions GmbH was kept around as a subsidiary of Körber Group, at some point in the spring or summer of 2022[2], Körber Group appears to have phased out the subsidiary and fully absorbed it into Körber AG.

Technology and products

PAS-X Intelligence Suite

PAS-X Intelligence Suite is described as a pharmaceutical manufacturing software application suite with various data management components that "enables collection and contextualization of relevant production data from a variety of sources to make it accessible for easy and quick use," and helps you "keep track of the processes in your factory at all times, identify contexts and recognize errors in the production process – allowing you to take corrective actions promptly if necessary."[3] The software can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud. It includes[3]:

  • Werum PAS-X Savvy (formerly inCyght[4]), which "combines the management, visualization, and analysis of data from a variety of sources using automated reports of the findings in an intuitive software environment"
  • Werum PAS-X KPI, which "provides key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time"
  • Werum PAS-X Quality Reporting, which allows you to "create quality reports automatically, including all relevant statistics – even across various locations"
  • Werum PAS-X Chromatography Control, which allows you to "look into the future and make reliable pooling decisions based on yield and product purity"
  • Werum PAS-X Data Access, which "automatically collects production data from your Werum PAS-X MES and processes it for various evaluations"


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