Kalleid, Inc.

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Kalleid, Inc.
Type Incorporated
Industry Consulting
Genre Laboratory informatics
Headquarters 245 Main St., Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Number of locations 1
Area served United States
Key people Mary Beth Walsh
Website kalleid.com
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/kalleid/

Kalleid, Inc. provides vendor-neutral consulting services for the laboratory informatics industry, including assistance with software implementation, software testing and validation, and laboratory project management.[1]


Kalleid was formally founded in Massachusetts in January 2014.[2]

Technology and services

Kalleid provides a variety of laboratory professional services "designed to maximize the success of your business transformation." Services include[3]:

  • business analysis - workflow optimization, system requirements, systems alignment
  • documentation and training - technical documentation, training support, SOP development
  • sales and marketing - content management, content redesign, etc.
  • change management - impact assessment, change communication, change planning
  • data migration - impact assessment, change communication, change planning
  • testing and validation - risk assessment, validation scripting, user requirements development
  • project management - lifecycle management, risk assessment, communication planning


Public pricing of services is unavailable.

Additional information


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