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This page is dedicated to collections and compilations of material originating from this website. As often happens on a wiki, information becomes scattered, and at times it becomes difficult to find content. These compilations of LIMSwiki material have been created to provide more focus to a few selected topics.

The Complete Guide to LIMS & Lab Informatics


Title of publication: The Complete Guide to LIMS & Lab Informatics
Edition: 2014
Abstract: The various fields of laboratory, health, and other scientific informatics are constantly in flux. Discoveries are made, technology changes, and information gathers. This organized collection of LIMSwiki content tries to provide a thorough and modern overview of these various fields of informatics and the software systems that contribute to them, including the laboratory information management system (LIMS). Also covered are important standards and compliance issues impacting those systems and the jobs of informaticians. It closes with numerous resources concerning laboratory informatics and the developers/vendors most prominent in the field.
PDF (digital) version: Document via DropBox
PediaPress (paper) version: Document via PediaPress