LabLynx KB:LIMS user manual - 20.0 supervisor work list management

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LabLynx enables you to manage the supervisor work list.

System Administrators use LabLynx ELab to manage the supervisor work list.

Viewing the supervisor work list

The Labs screen displays a lookup link for the LIMS location and department information currently defined in the system:


1. From the Labs screen, click the Location/Department link. The system displays the ELB_vuWorkListLabLookup List:


2. Choose a location/department and click Select. The system displays the Labs screen again.

3. Click Report. The system displays the Supervisor Work List screen:


4. When you are finished, click Done.

Exporting the supervisor work list

To export the supervisor work list to Excel or text file, click the Excel button from the Supervisor Work List screen.

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