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Labforward GmbH
Type Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
Industry Laboratory informatics
Predecessor labfolder GmbH and cubuslab GmbH
Headquarters Elsenstraße 106, Berlin, Germany
Number of locations 2
Area served Worldwide

Labforward GmbH develops and distributes laboratory informatics software solutions.


Labforward GmbH has its origins in two companies: labfolder GmbH and cubuslab GmbH. On July 1, 2012, start-up company labfolder GmbH made its first blog post, announcing its intentions. Led by biologists Simon Bungers and Florian Hauer as well as programmer Mathias Schäffner, the start-up aimed to address "the limits of paper-based laboratory notebooks such as loose data collections, scattered notes and limited search facilities at the lab bench" and "create a digital lab notebook that can be used as laboratory management software and collaboration platform for laboratory research."[1] The trio released an alpha version of its labfolder software for testing on October 3[2], followed by a beta version on February 20, 2013.[3] The product moved out of beta testing in May 2014 and was offered as a free basic package.[4]

In May 2019, labfolder and cubuslab GmbH, a laboratory automation integration business, announced they would be merging to form Labforward GmbH. The merger was reportedly born out of a 2017 half-joking conference discussion that led to a realization: "we worked together on so many projects that the tremendous advantages of the cooperation for both parties became obvious, and the initial joke became a serious opportunity."[5][6]


In April 2013, labfolder received an award for being one of the top 10 best concepts at start2grow Competition 2013.[7]

Technology and products

cubuslab and labfolder

cubuslab is a "plug & play solution to connect all your lab instruments in a single platform."[8]

labfolder is a cloud-based electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) that helps researchers record their findings.[9] The product is available in a free basic edition for up to three users and an extended team version for larger research groups. The software can be installed on-site or hosted in the cloud.[10]


Product: labfolder
Experiment, collaboration,
and data management
Chemical and/or mathematical drawing and calculation?
Chemical and/or spectrum file support?
Task and event scheduling?Y[10]
Option for manual result entry?
Multiple data viewing methods?
Data and trend analysis?
Data and equipment sharing?Y[10]
Customizable fields and/or interface?
Configurable templates and forms?Y[10]
Query capability?Y[10]
Import data?Y[10]
Internal file or data linking?
External file or data linking?
Export data to MS Excel?Y[10]
Raw data management?
Data warehouse?
Project and/or task management?
Inventory management?Y[10]
Document creation and/or management?Y[10]
Lab and/or group management?Y[10]
Experiment management?
Workflow management?Y[10]
Customer and supplier management?
Quality, security, and compliance
Regulatory compliance?Y[10]
QA / QC functions?
Performance evaluation?
Audit trail?Y[10]
Chain of custody?
Configurable roles and security?
Data normalization?
Data validation?
Data encryption?Y[10]
Electronic signatures?Y[10]
Version control?Y[10]
Automatic data backup?
Reporting, barcoding, and printing
Custom reporting?
Report printing?
Label support?
Barcode support?
Export to PDF?Y[10]
Export to MS Word?Y[10]
Export to HTML and/or XML?Y[10]
Email integration?Y[10]
Base functionality
Administrator management?Y[10]
Instrument interfacing and management?
Mobile device integration?
Third-party software integration?Y[10]
Alarms and/or alerts?
External monitoring?
Web client or portal?Y[10]
Online or integrated help?
Software as a service delivery model?Y[10]
Usage-based cost?
Industries served


labfolder pricing is as follows[11][12]:

Basic: labfolder is free to individual researchers and research groups up to three in number, with up to 3GB of storage

Advanced: starting from €15 per user per month for academia, €45 per user per month for industry, with up to 300GB of storage

Service billed annually.

Demonstration videos and other media

The following demonstration videos are available for Electronic Notebook for labfolder:

Additional information


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