McKesson Corporation

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McKesson Corporation
Type Corporation
Industry Informatics software
Headquarters One Post Street
San Francisco, California
, U.S.
Number of locations 16
Area served Worldwide

McKesson Corporation develops and distributes software solutions for the healthcare industry.


The Horizon Lab LIS was rebranded as McKesson Lab sometime in 2015.[1]

In October 2017, McKesson's "hospital and health system IT business, known as the Enterprise Information Solutions (EIS)," was acquired by Allscripts.[2][3] However, neither the press release or Allscript's support resources make mention of McKesson Lab. The software is no longer found on either site, and it's presumably no longer being offered by either company.

Technology and products

McKesson Lab

McKesson Lab (formerly Horizon Lab[1]) was a modular laboratory information system (LIS) that "helps automate the entire process – specimen ordering and routing, medical necessity checking, specimen collection, and results reporting and tracking – helping to increase productivity so technologists can focus on more important issues."[4]


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