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For the purposes of this wiki, a miscellaneous LI software vendor is an entity (business, company, corporation, etc.) which develops laboratory, clinical, or scientific informatics software that does not fall in one of the following classes:

This includes vendors who develop pathology reporting software, sample management systems, and laboratory inventory management software, etc.

Active miscellaneous informatics software vendors

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Vendor Key offering(s) SaaS
Key information Additional notes
Abbott Srl AlinIQ AMS No Italy Middleware sample and instrument management; formerly Omnilab Srl
Andrew Alliance SA OneLab Yes Switzerland Laboratory protocol design and execution
Applikon Biotechnology BV Lucullus PIMS Now Netherlands Biotechnology process information management system
BioAware SA/NV BioloMICSNet and BioloMICSWeb Yes Belgium Pricing and demonstration videos Excel-like biological data management and analysis
BizBites Technologies Pvt. Ltd. TQMLAB No India Modular sample management system
ClinCapture, Inc. Captivate Yes United States Clinical electronic data capture software
Clustermarket Ltd. Clustermarket Yes United Kingdom Demonstration videos Laboratory equipment and resource management software
Genedata AG Biopharma Platform Yes Switzerland Biopharma R&D platform
Genemod Corporation Genemod Yes United States Sample and clinical research management
Invitrosoft Software Solutions oHG IVS No Germany Demonstration videos Software for managing and optimizing production and workflow
within a tissue culture lab / production plant
Laboratory Automation Systems BV SampleNavigator No Netherlands Sample management system
LabThruPut AutoLabTech, Optimizer No United States Sample management and data analysis
LIMS Wizards, LLC SampleVision Yes United States Demonstration videos Sample management system
Mint Labs SL QMENTA Yes Spain Demonstration videos Cloud-based neuroimaging analysis platform
Relaymed PLC Relaymed Yes Scotland Demonstration videos Middleware interfacing solution for point-of-care testing and POLs
Savics Srl DataToCare, MediScout No Belgium Laboratory interoperability and functionality solutions for healthcare
Scifeon ApS Scifeon No Denmark Research data management software
Semaphore Solutions, Inc. Custom software solutions No Canada Custom laboratory and NGS software development; Clarity LIMS support
TetraScience, Inc. Tetra R&D Data Cloud Yes United States Demonstration videos R&D data integration in the cloud
Titian Software Ltd. Mosaic No United Kingdom Modular sample management system
Werum IT Solutions GmbH PAS-X Savvy No Austria Bioprocess data analysis platform (with some chromatography data management)

Inactive miscellaneous informatics software vendors

Vendor Key offering(s) Headquarters
Additional notes
Omnilab Srl LabOnline N/A Middleware providing sample and instrument management;
acquired by Abbott and renamed (late 2017) to Abbott Srl.[1]