QM-Tek (Pty) Ltd.

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QM-Tek (Pty) Ltd.
Type Proprietary Limited
Industry Data management software
Headquarters 52 Blue Rd, Langebaan, Western Cape, South Africa
Number of locations 1
Area served Africa
Website qm-tek.com

QM-Tek (Pty) Ltd. develops and distributes data management software solutions.


In the fall of 2016, VeriLIMS was acquired by QM-Tek from VeriLIMS (Pty) Ltd., at least according to their website.[1] The company stated that it would make VeriLIMS products available "for a short time, [and] these will continue to be made available to our clients." In 2017, the VeriLIMS website began to forward to QM-Tek's, suggesting perhaps that VeriLIMS (Pty) Ltd. was closed and the assets transferred to a new company, QM-Tek (Pty) Ltd. However, no public information can be found to confirm this.

Sometime in 2018, mention of the VeriLIMS product disappeared from the QM-Tek website, and a new modular data management program called QMware appeared, though the company website doesn't make it entirely clear who the software is tailored for. QMware doesn't appear to be laboratory software.

For more history on VeriLIMS, see VeriLIMS (Pty) Ltd.

Technology and products


VeriLIMS was a modular laboratory information management system (LIMS) "designed so as to make the most ‘sense’ in practical terms of laboratory workflow, sample and data management (including traceability) and QA/QC checking."[1]


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