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Red Arrow Labs, LLC
Type Incorporated
Industry Laboratory informatics
Professional services
Headquarters 900 Ridgefield Dr., Suite 150, Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.
Area served U.S.
Parent Dohmen Co.

Red Arrow Labs, LLC develops and distributes laboratory informatics software solutions.


Red Arrow Labs was founded in 2009 as the offshoot from another IT company.[1]

Red Arrow Labs was acquired in January 2014 by the Dohmen Company, which also acquired ChemWare, Inc. and Clinical Path Consulting.[2] Concerning the acquisition, Red Arrow Labs stated that "Cynthia LaConte, CEO of Dohmen, approached us to explore ways to move health technology forward, which lagged behind market demands."[1]

ChemWare operates as a subsidiary of Dohmen (as ChemWare, LLC), though at some unknown point, ChemWare's HORIZON software was transferred to Red Arrow Labs, which appears to be developing it today.[3]

Technology and products


HORIZON LIMS is a laboratory information management system (LIMS) described as "an efficient, configurable, secure and cost-effective solution to transform your lab."[4] The software can be installed locally or hosted via the SaaS distribution model.[5]


Sample, inventory, and data management
Sample login and management?Y[4]
Sample tracking?Y[4]
Sample and/or result batching?
Task and event scheduling?
Option for manual result entry?
Multiple data viewing methods?
Data and trend analysis?
Data and equipment sharing?
Customizable fields and/or interface?
Query capability?
Import data?
Internal file or data linking?
External file or data linking?
ELN support or integration?
Export data to MS Excel?
Raw data management?
Data warehouse?
Deadline control?
Production control?
Project and/or task management?
Inventory management?Y[4]
Document creation and/or management?
Case management?
Workflow management?
Specification management?
Customer and supplier management?
Billing management?
Quality, security, and compliance
Regulatory compliance?Y[4]
QA / QC functions?
Performance evaluation?
Audit trail?
Chain of custody?Y[4]
Configurable roles and security?
Data normalization?
Data validation?
Data encryption?
Version control?
Automatic data backup?
Environmental monitoring?
Reporting, barcoding, and printing
Custom reporting?Y[4]
Report printing?Y[4]
Label support?
Barcode support?
Export to PDF?
Export to MS Word?
Export to HTML and/or XML?
Fax integration?
Email integration?
Base functionality
Administrator management?Y[4]
Instrument interfacing and management?Y[4]
Mobile device integration?Y[4]
Alarms and/or alerts?
Work-related time tracking?
Voice recognition system?
External monitoring?Y[4]
Web client or portal?
Online or integrated help?
Software as a service delivery model?Y[5]
Usage-based cost?
Industries served
agriculture, chemical, clinical diagnostic, energy, environmental, food and beverage, geology and mining, law enforcement and forensics, manufacturing and R&D, power and utility, public health and service, toxicology


Source for pricing information is GSA Advantage, off the original ChemWare contract, which still shows active. As prices may change at any time, always contact the vendor directly to obtain a price list or quote.

Note: These are U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) prices, and as such they represent the lowest possible negotiated price. These prices aren't available to any entity outside of the Federal Government, and thus prices for non-government entities will be higher. If anything, they represent the lowest possible negotiated price.


HORIZON LIMS Oracle 10g database, processor-based license: $15,760.00

  • provides the primary database and system infrastructure

HORIZON LIMS Central named user:

Tier 1: $3,563.00

Tier 2: $3,230.00

Tier 3: $3,030.00

  • provides core LIMS features

HORIZON LIMS for PHL processor-based license: $85,640.00

  • allows for unlimited users in public health organizations

HORIZON LIMS Web Portal processor-based license: $26,760.00

  • provides web portal access for report development and distribution, ad-hoc queries, and remote data entry via the Internet

HORIZON LIMS instrument integration utility: $1,960.00

  • allows users to develop and deploy LimsLink parsers for automated uploading and posting of results to HORIZON from interfaced instruments; Note: Software is licensed by number of instruments to be interfaced.

HORIZON LIMS Data Management named user:

Tier 1: $2,090.00

Tier 2: $1,640.00

Tier 3: $1,370.00

  • provides application-independent data management features

HORIZON LIMS Data Management/Vision Web Portal processor-based license: $5,030.00

  • enables authorized Data Management/Vision users to view any instrument output (and apply electronic signatures compliant with 21 CFR Part 11) remotely via the Internet

HORIZON LIMS field data capture utility: $1,730.00

  • allows users the ability to automatically interface with a portable field data collection device

HORIZON LIMS extraction template builder utility: $5,130.00

  • acts as an instrument interfacing utility for developing custom extraction templates to parse instrument data into HORIZON

HORIZON LIMS statistical analysis utility: $1,650.00

  • an embedded NWA Quality Analyst utility for routine ad hoc and automated batch control charting, trend analysis, and control limit updating within HORIZON


Onsite Visit Labor Category I – Onsite Senior Project Manager

Site visit for analysis and consultation on automation and data management systems needs. Includes formalization of Implementation Plan, dedicated Project Technical Lead, and periodic progress reports to senior lab management.

Commercial/Catalog Price: $250

GSA Price: $225

Offsite Labor Category I – Offsite Senior Project Manager

General configuration services, remote

Commercial/Catalog Price: $185

GSA Price: $167

Onsite Visit Labor Category Ii – Onsite Project Manager, Specialist

Onsite assistance with workstation setup, ODBC connectivity, table configuration, or other routine or site-specific implementation tasks

Commercial/Catalog Price: $185

GSA Price: $167

Offsite Labor Category Ii – Offsite Project Manager, Specialist

Remote assistance in configuring test methods, setting up clients/profiles, OC batch rules, analyte lists and other routine implementation tasks that can be performed from ChemWare

Commercial/Catalog Price: $150

GSA Price: $135

System Administrator 1 Training

Training on general HORIZON operation and procedures for LIMS maintenance, configuration and optimization (3 days at ChemWare)

Commercial/Catalog Price: $ 3485

GSA Price: $3137

Advanced System Administrator Training

Training on advanced HORIZON operation and procedures for LIMS maintenance, configuration and optimization (3 days at ChemWare)

Commercial/Catalog Price: $3015

GSA Price: $2713

Advanced Report Writer Training

Advanced report writer training on the HORIZON Report Manager/Actuate option, for system administrators and power users who want to create their own Actuate reports or customize those provided by ChemWare with the HRM/Actuate add-in (7 days at ChemWare)

Commercial/Catalog Price: $6348

GSA Price: $5713

End-User Training (Onsite)

Training for end-users during transition from final testing to production roll-out

Commercial Price: $185

GSA Price: $167

Demonstration videos and other media

Additional information


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