Rescop BV

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Rescop BV
Type Besloten Vennootschap
Industry Business software
Headquarters Luchthavenweg 81-41
, The Netherlands
Number of locations 8
Area served Worldwide

Rescop BV develops and distributes business management software solutions.


Rescop was founded in 2005 based on a need for better compliance and quality management software.[1]

Sometime in 2018, the company removed its RC-ELN and RC-LIMS options from its website, and they presumably discontinued those offerings. The company is still active with its business management software.

Former technology and products


RC-ELN was an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) that "stores, manages and publishes records of research projects in accordance with GxP or non-GxP regulations."[2]

RC-LIMS was a laboratory information management system (LIMS) that "controls, supports and manages the entire sample life cycle, in accordance with GxP regulations."[3]

Both offerings were able to be installed locally or hosted in the cloud via the software as a service distribution model.[4]


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