Schlumberger Limited

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Schlumberger Limited
Type Limited company
Industry Laboratory informatics software
Headquarters 5599 San Felipe
17th Floor
Houston, Texas
, United States
Area served Worldwide
Products Malcom

Schlumberger Limited develops and provides technology, integrated project management, and information solutions to the oil and gas industry.


Technology and products


Malcom Interactive Fluid Characterization Software is a chromatography data system (CDS) that "[enables] the processing and interpretation of analytical chemistry data to provide greater insights into hydrocarbon samples." The software handles analysis of oil composition and charge characterization as well as reservoir characteristics.[1]


Features of Malcom include[2]:

  • "project management to organize and store geochemical datasets as well as chromatographic peak identification and quantification, extracted ion analysis, and indexation (alignment)"
  • chromatogram exporting tools
  • graphing, chemometrics, and data reduction analysis tools
  • production allocation and reservoir connectivity (PARC) module "provides greater certainty in evaluating the differences between similar fluids of every origin"
  • geochemistry data interpretation (GeDI) module, including a petroleum geochemistry-specific library
  • custom workflow builder
  • interfaces with other Schlumberger software platforms


Demonstration videos and other media

Additional information


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