Shanghai Holo Sci-infor Co., Ltd.

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Shanghai Holo Sci-infor Co., Ltd.
Type Limited
Industry Laboratory informatics
Headquarters Zhenyuan Building, 9th Floor, 2052 N. Zhongshan Rd., Putuo District, Shanghai, China
Area served Worldwide
Products Electronic Lab Notebook
Subsidiaries HoloInfo Inc.

Shanghai Holo Sci-infor Co., Ltd. developed and distributed business management and laboratory informatics software solutions.


Sometime in 3019, the HoloInfo website went dark, and the company is presumably no longer operational. The status of the parent company is unknown.

Former technology and products

Electronic Lab Notebook

Electronic Lab Notebook was a web-based electronic laboratory notebook(ELN) "which provides a secure and easy way for chemical and biological scientists to record, store, retrieval and share their research experiments."[1] The company offered four variations: ELN for Synthesis, ELN for Analytical Chemistry, ELN for Formulations, and ELN for Biology.


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