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shazino SAS
Type Société par actions simplifiée
Industry Laboratory informatics
Headquarters 11 Avenue Albert Einstein, Villeurbanne, France
Area served Europe

shazino SAS develops and distributes laboratory informatics software solutions.


shazino was founded in 2012 "by biology and computer science researchers dedicated to improving workflows in research labs."[1] Their first major product, the electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) hivebench, was released on March 7, 2013.[1] shazino updated the application in January 2014 with an improved interface, improved electronic signatures, and a new calendar page.[2]

On June 1, 2016, scientific publisher Elsevier formally acquired the hivebench product from shazino for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition included the transition of CEO Julien Thérier and Hivebench developer Vincent Tourraine to Elsevier's Mendeley Data team in London.[3][4] As of October 2016, both the shazino and hivebench web pages showed no indications of this change, and the future of both is not particularly clear, though hivebench will apparently be "linked to the Mendeley Data repository, which will be linked to Pure."[4]

Sometime in the summer or fall of 2021, Elsevier updated the hivebench website to indicate "on January 31, 2022, we will be ceasing to host data and experiments on the Hivebench platform."[5] It appears that hivebench (referenced as "Data Notebook" on the Elsevier site) was officially integrated into Elsevier's Data Monitor solution.[6] Curiously, Shazino still lists the hivebench product on its website as of October 2022.

Former solutions

hivebench was an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) that "helps you prepare, conduct, and analyze experiments in one place."[7]

Technology and products

The company provides various productivity apps for scientists. See the company website for more details.


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