SkySource Ltd.

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SkySource Ltd.
Former type Limited
Industry Laboratory informatics
Defunct Renamed
Headquarters Archway Court, Broughton Hall Estate, Skipton, North Yorkshire, U.K.
Area served Europe
Products LabHQ

SkySource Ltd. developed and distributed laboratory informatics software solutions.


LabHQ Ltd. was a sister company of Broughton Laboratories Limited that developed the LabHQ LIMS.[1][2][3] In November 2012, Broughton Laboratories incorporated new sister company SkySource Ltd.[4][5] The LabHQ LIMS was then transferred to SkySource, and LabHQ Ltd. officially dissolved on March 5, 2013.[6]

Sometime in 2014, SkySource Ltd. became Broughton Software Ltd.[7][8]

Technology and products


For information on LabHQ, see Broughton Software Ltd.


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