Tieto Corporation

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Tieto Corporation
Type Incorporated
Industry Laboratory informatics
Headquarters Aku Korhosen tie 2-6
PO Box 38
, Finland
Number of locations 2
Area served Europe
Website Corporate: Tieto.se
Former Product Site: FlexLab.com

Tieto Corporation is an IT services company.


The company seems to have discontinued its laboratory informatics products FlexLab and Seamless LIMS in roughly late 2013 or early 2014.

Technology and products

FlexLab/Kemi, FlexLab/SymPathy, and Seamless LIMS

FlexLab/Kemi was a LIS-like system that "contains all the features to support the production of a modern laboratory for clinical chemistry."[1]

FlexLab/SymPathy was a LIS-like system for clinical pathology and cytology.[2]

Seamless LIMS was designed to be "an integrated concept of health care operations and laboratories in all disciplines."[3] Seamless LIMS incorporates some functionality from the company's LIS-like products FlexLab/Kemi and FlexLab/SymPathy.[3]


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