White Point Systems, Inc.

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White Point Systems, Inc.
Former type Incorporated
Industry Laboratory informatics
Fate Unknown
Defunct Unknown
Headquarters 325 Court Street, Friday Harbor, Washington, U.S.
Area served U.S.
Website WhitePointSystems.com

White Point Systems, Inc. developed and distributed laboratory informatics software solutions for the pharmaceuticals industry. The company also provided consultation services for biodiversity assessment and predictive modeling of species occurrence.


In late 2016 or early 2017, the company website changed, and none of its offerings and product pages remained. All that remained were links to NAPIS documentation and a link to the OpenNAPIS project, which hasn't been updated since 2013. It's suspected the original developer open sourced the NAPIS software, but this remains unclear, and the company hasn't responded to e-mail attempts.

Technology and products


NAPIS — the NAtural Products Information System — was a laboratory information management system "database that is designed specifically to support natural products discovery" and "for prioritizing active leads in screening campaigns."[1] The system was available in Laboratory, Lite, and Enterprise editions.


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