Al-Maharaat Company

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Al-Maharaat Company
Type Unknown
Industry Software development
Headquarters Runaki Building, Runaki, Erbil, Iraq
Number of locations 1
Area served Middle East
Products Maxim-LIS

Al-Maharaat Company develops and distributes hardware and software solutions for laboratories and educational facilities.


Al-Maharaat Company was founded in 2002.[1]

Sometime in 2018 the company removed reference to its Maxim-LIS and healthcare software. The company appears to still be active but no longer offer Maxim-LIS.

Technology and products


Maxim-LIS was a web-based laboratory information system (LIS) "that enable[s] labs to manage complex processes, ensure[s] regulatory compliance, and promote[s] enterprise-wide collaboration."[2] Though it's not clear, the software seemed to be able to be installed locally or hosted in the cloud via the software as a service model.


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