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Autoscribe Informatics
Type Corporation
Industry Business software
Laboratory informatics
Scientific software
Headquarters 29 Simpson Lane, Falmouth, Massachusetts, U.S.
Number of locations 2
Area served Worldwide
Parent Autoscribe Ltd.

Autoscribe Informatics develops and distributes business, scientific, and laboratory informatics software solutions.


Autoscribe Informatics is the trading name of Autoscribe Ltd.[1] — founded in 1981 as a privately-owned company based in the U.K.[2][3] Autoscribe Informatics, Inc. was founded in late 2011[4], giving a direct presence in the US market. Zumatrix, Inc., the North American distribution and support team for Autoscribe's Matrix Gemini product, was transferred into the new U.S. entity, which began operations on January 3, 2012.[5]

Autoscribe Informatics also has a worldwide distributor network including and Australasia office in South Australia[6], "PT Agryiya Analitika" in Indonesia covering SE Asia, "Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions B.V." in Benelux, "CCV" in South America and "RITME" in France. [7]

Technology and products

Matrix LIMS product line

Matrix Gemini is a configurable laboratory information management system (LIMS) solution that helps laboratories "to accurately manage large volumes of data to strict standards, while at the same time constantly evolve to improve efficiency, automation and turn-around times."[8] One of the main features of this software is a set of configuration tools designed to add greater flexibility to security and workflow applications.[9] The configuration tools are graphical, requiring no software programming or scripting knowledge to use them, making them extremely user friendly. The word "Gemini" refers to the dual user interface of desktop or web browser. Any changes in configuration are instantly reflected in both interfaces.[10]

Matrix Express is a slimmer version of Matrix Gemini, one "for smaller laboratories or as an introductory LIMS in larger organizations."[11]

Matrix Tracker is a tracking application that "allow[s] you to setup and modify the workflows, screens and menus to meet detailed requirements."[12]

Matrix Study Management is software that acts as "a stability management system for complete control of stability studies for a variety of industries"[13] and features the ability to manage stability storage room operations, inventory, audit trail generation, and protocol design and approval.

Matrix BIMS product line

Autoscribe Informatics also provides several business information management systems (BIMS) [14] including:

Quality Management Suite - A suite of quality tools to manage assets, custoemr feedback, staff competency tracking, document management, corrective and preventive action management and audit planning.

Support Management System - A configurable system for the complete management of all helpdesk support functions to help companies track support problems and manage them through to resolution.

Matrix Support Management System (SMS) is designed to help companies track support problems and manage them through to resolution.

Issue Tracker - designed to allow issues/problems/complaints to be logged and actions assigned to yourself or to other people.


Product: Matrix Gemini
Sample, inventory, and data management
Sample login and management?Y[15]
Sample tracking?Y[15]
Sample and/or result batching?Y[15]
Task and event scheduling?Y[16]
Option for manual result entry?Y[15]
Multiple data viewing methods?Y[8]
Data and trend analysis?Y[15]
Data and equipment sharing?Y[15]
Customizable fields and/or interface?Y[8]
Query capability?Y[15]
Import data?Y[15]
Internal file or data linking?Y[15]
External file or data linking?Y[10]
ELN support or integration?Y[15]
Export data to MS Excel?Y[10]
Raw data management?Y[15]
Data warehouse?Y[15]
Deadline control?Y[15]
Production control?Y[15]
Project and/or task management?Y[15]
Inventory management?Y[17]
Document creation and/or management?Y[18]
Case management?Y[19]
Workflow management?Y[15]
Specification management?Y[15]
Customer and supplier management?Y[15]
Billing management?Y[15]
Quality, security, and compliance
Regulatory compliance?Y[16]
QA / QC functions?Y[15]
Performance evaluation?Y[19]
Audit trail?Y[8]
Chain of custody?Y[8]
Configurable roles and security?Y[15]
Data normalization?
Data validation?Y[15]
Data encryption?
Version control?Y[8]
Automatic data backup?Y[15]
Environmental monitoring?Y[20]
Reporting, barcoding, and printing
Custom reporting?Y[15]
Report printing?Y[15]
Label support?Y[15]
Barcode support?Y[15]
Export to PDF?Y[15]
Export to MS Word?
Export to HTML and/or XML?Y[15]
Fax integration?
Email integration?Y[15]
Base functionality
Administrator management?Y[8]
Instrument interfacing and management?Y[16]
Mobile device integration?Y[21]
Alarms and/or alerts?Y[15]
Work-related time tracking?
Voice recognition system?
External monitoring?
Web client or portal?Y[8]
Online or integrated help?Y[15]
Software as a service delivery model?
Usage-based cost?
Industries served
biobanking, biotechnology, chemical, clinical research, contract services, environmental, food and beverage, general, geology and mining, pathology, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power and utility, veterinary


Source for pricing information is directly from Autoscribe via the Laboratory Informatics Institute. As prices may change at any time, always contact the vendor directly to obtain a price list or quote. The pricing below is perpetual. Contact Autoscribe for subscription pricing models and additional options.

Demonstration videos and other media

The following demonstration videos are available for Autoscribe products:

Additional information


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