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CSols, Inc.
Type Incorporated
Industry Consulting
Genre Laboratory informatics
Headquarters 750 Prides Crossing, Suite 305, Newark, Delaware, United States
Number of locations 2
Area served North America
Key people Kyle McDuffie
Subsidiaries LIMS Wizards, LLC
Website CSolsInc.com
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/csols-inc-/

CSols, Inc. provides vendor-neutral consulting services for the laboratory informatics industry, including assistance with automation, data integration, and system integration.[1]


CSols first began running in 2001 as a business that developed and distributed an instrument integration solution called Links for LIMS. By June 2004, the business changed paths and began focusing more on the service side of the laboratory informatics industry.[1]

In February 2020[2], CSols spun off a subsidiary, LIMS Wizards, LLC[3], a business dedicated to developing and distributing software to support laboratories and their laboratory informatics solutions.

Technology and services

CSols utilizes its Professional Services Division "comprised of chemists, information technologists and regulatory specialists" to provide consulting services to a wide variety of clients in the laboratory industry.[4] Services include:

  • Strategic: informatics planning, informatics system selection, data management strategies, program planning and management, and regulatory and validation planning
  • Implementation: system implementation, project management, configuration and customization, systems integration, instrument integration, data migration, system enhancements, and training and support
  • Validation: planning, lifecycle services, and testing and verification services

CSols also offers system-specific knowledge for a wide variety of systems.[5]


Public pricing of services is unavailable.

Demonstration videos and other media

CSols offers a series of free webinars on topics concerning the laboratory informatics industry. The can be found here.

Additional information


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