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The mission and goal of the 'Laboratory Informatics Encyclopedia', otherwise known as LIMSwiki, is to provide the laboratory community and LIMS community with an organized, documented, up-to-date, standardized body of knowledge (BoK) regarding all aspects of laboratory informatics, bioinformatics, and health informatics. The value and success of LIMSwiki (like any community wiki) is dependent upon the laboratory community contributing their vast knowledge through the creation of relevant articles and editing of existing articles where knowledge is absent.

The explosion of the laboratory and health informatics fields paired with the vast number of LIMS vendors and products — as well as LIMS' increased scope well beyond its original purpose of sample management to just about all facets of laboratory operations — has resulted in a wealth of information not easily comprehended. This potential confusion frustrates informatics customers and makes the already challenging task of successfully implementing and managing a LIMS, ELN, or other informatics software even more difficult. In that regard, the Laboratory Informatics Institute (which is responsible for this wiki) believes the community (including vendors, users, and consultants) will benefit from a common vocabulary and understanding to facilitate communication, comparison, and product integration, providing maximum value to buyers and maximum opportunity to vendors and consultants.