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Welcome to, the laboratory, health, and science informatics encyclopedia.
Users have contributed: 1,583 articles.

LIMSwiki is a collaborative wiki dedicated to the scientific community, featuring organized, documented, and up-to-date content regarding all aspects of laboratory informatics, bioinformatics, and health informatics. LIMSwiki also strives to maintain relevant knowledge about laboratory equipment as well as commercial and open-source software likely to be used in a laboratory setting. This also includes the vendors of such equipment and software.

Like any community wiki, the value and success of LIMSwiki is dependent upon the scientific community contributing their vast knowledge through the creation of relevant articles and editing of existing articles where knowledge is absent. If you wish to enrich the content of this wiki or have something of value to add, please request an account and get started.

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Featured article of the week

Fig1 Mahlaola SAJouBioLaw2017 10-2.png

"Password compliance for PACS work stations: Implications for emergency-driven medical environments"

The effectiveness of password usage in data security remains an area of high scrutiny. Literature findings do not inspire confidence in the use of passwords. Human factors such as the acceptance of and compliance with minimum standards of data security are considered significant determinants of effective data-security practices. However, human and technical factors alone do not provide solutions if they exclude the context in which the technology is applied.

Objectives: To reflect on the outcome of a dissertation which argues that the minimum standards of effective password use prescribed by the information security sector are not suitable to the emergency-driven medical environment, and that their application as required by law raises new and unforeseen ethical dilemmas. (Full article...)

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The development of data science: Implications for education, employment, research, and the data revolution for sustainable development
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Key commercial laboratory informatics vendors

What does it mean to be "key" for the purpose of this ranking? The criterion for a vendor selling proprietary commercial laboratory informatics software being listed here: the vendor's LIMSwiki page must have a cited (from a publicly-available source) price list. Those with demonstration videos are given higher preference; items ranked by number of videos. Go here for all listed vendors in the wiki.

Laboratory informatics software and products
Key cloud- or SaaS-based laboratory informatics software

Listed below are key commercial and open-source laboratory informatics software offerings listed in the wiki that utilize the cloud or software as a service (SaaS) model. "Key" indicates vendor's (or software's) LIMSwiki page has a cited (from a publicly-available source) price list. Those with demonstration videos are given higher preference; items ranked by number of videos.

1. webLIMS and Health Cloud Hub via LabLynx, Inc.
2. Bika LIMS via Bika Lab Systems (Pty) Ltd.
3. Scilligence ELN via Scilligence Corporation
4. LabArchives via LabArchives, LLC
5. Contur ELN/iLabber via Accelrys, Inc.
6. eCAT via Research Innovations Limited
7. labfolder via labfolder GmbH
8. Labguru via BioData Inc.
9. iPad ELN via Cognium Systems SA
10. LABVANTAGE via LABVANTAGE Solutions, Inc.

11. NevisLIMS via Instrumentos Científicos SA
12. NoteBookMaker via NoteBookMaker, LLC
13. Sysment Notebook via Sysment Kft.
14. BioRails DM via The Edge Software Consultancy Ltd.
15. LABTrack via LABTrack, LLC
16. CloudLIMS via, LLC
17. SparkLix via SparkLix Bio IT Corp.
18. SQUISH via Information Management Services, Inc.
19. Datacloud via SPLhost, Inc.
20. hivebench via shazino SAS

Open-source software

Looking for open-source software solutions to make your lab or office more efficient? Try these locations:

Additional LIMSwiki resources
Open-source laboratory informatics software

Listed below are some of the most active and supported open-source laboratory informatics software projects with articles in the wiki, as of May 2014. Go here for all listed open-source laboratory informatics projects.

Additional information
Latest news

April 30, 2014:

I wanted to highlight some of the projects we've worked on over the past few years. I feel like as the wiki grows, some of the tools buried within it tend to get lost. First, I'd like to again mention the LIMSwiki informatics resource portal. This project was dedicated to collating as many useful online scientific and health informatics-related materials and research tools as possible. It includes links to books, magazines, journals, blogs, organizations, special-interest groups, government entities, academic programs, conferences, trade shows, research tools, job boards, and a whole lot more related to laboratory, health, and other types of informatics. I can't stress enough how extensive we've tried to make this collection of resources.

We have other resources too that shouldn't go unnoticed:

Shawn Douglas (talk) 17:43, 30 April 2014 (EDT)

November 1, 2013:

We have a couple of brief updates to give you regarding the wiki. First, we've expanded the help section of the wiki by updating a few existing help pages and adding a few new ones. Additionally, we've added a new collection of MediaWiki training guides to 1. help users new to MediaWiki more rapidly make meaningful edits and 2. to further encourage new users to make wiki contributions. We hope you find the training guides and exercises useful. Second, we've upgraded to MediaWiki 1.21.2, added new extensions, and will be moving the content to what will hopefully be a more rapid server. All these upgrades should translate to a more functional and inviting informatics wiki. Happy wiki-ing!

Shawn Douglas (talk) 13:42, 1 November 2013 (EDT)

Most popular pages

This section represents most popular pages by page view as of January 2016. You can still find records of our Top 30 listings back to April 2012 on the history page for this template. Simply click on the "prev" link of an edit on that page and scroll down to see the listing as it was for that date.

The most popular pages (by page views) on LIMSwiki as of September 4, 2018 are:

  1. Main Page‏‎ (758,358 views)
  2. XOOPS (100,596 views)
  3. Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware‏‎ (97,587 views)
  4. LIMS vendor (91,557 views)
  5. LIS vendor (76,522 views)
  6. ELN vendor (61,829 views)
  7. LIMS feature (55,724 views)
  8. 21 CFR Part 11/Audit guidelines and checklist‏‎ (32,472 views)
  9. SLCLAB Informática SL (32,014 views)
  10. Laboratory information system (31,694 views)
  11. LIS feature (31,387 views)
  12. LabWare, Inc. (25,462 views)
  13. Laboratory informatics (25,031 views)
  14. Laboratory information management system (24,244 views)
  15. Physician office laboratory (22,971 views)
  16. LabLynx, Inc. (22,034 views)
  17. Health informatics (21,553 views)
  18. Thermo Scientific (19,178 views)
  19. Electronic laboratory notebook‏‎ (18,213 views)
  20. Cloud computing (15,660 views)
  21. Scientific data management system (15,083 views)
  22. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act‏‎ (14,221 views)
  23. Reference laboratory (13,679 views)
  24. ELN feature‏‎ (13,345 views)
  25. 21 CFR Part 11‏‎ (12,088 views)
  26. Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments‏‎ (12,038 views)
  27. Eusoft Srl (11,707 views)
  28. LIMSwiki mission (11,640 views)
  29. Laboratory, Scientific, and Health Informatics Buyer's Guide‏‎ (11,618 views)
  30. LIMS and laboratory informatics questionnaire (11,353 views)