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PANalytical BV
Former type Besloten Vennootschap
Industry Laboratory informatics
Successor Malvern Panalytical BV
Defunct January 1, 2017
Headquarters Lelyweg 1, 7602 EA Almelo, The Netherlands
Area served Europe
Parent Spectris plc

PANalytical BV developed and distributed X-ray analysis and other hardware and software systems, including the laboratory informatics software solution SPARCS for the metals industry.


In July 2002, Spectris plc announced it would acquire Philips Analytical from Royal Philips Electronics for €150 million in cash, with Philips Analytical being renamed to PANalytical.[1]

In December 2016, Spectris plc announced it would merge PANalytical with its other operating comapny Malvern Instruments, effective January 1, 2017, becoming Malvern Panalytical BV.[2]

Technology and products


SPARCS LIMS is still supported and offered after the merger. See Malvern Panalytical BV for more on SPARCS.


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