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Scitara Corporation
Type Corporation
Industry Clinical informatics
Headquarters 11 Apex Drive, Suite 300A, Marlborough, Massachusetts, U.S.
Number of locations 1
Area served U.S.

Scitara Corporation develops and distributes point of care (i.e., middleware) and revenue cycle management software for laboratories.


The company was formally founded in March 2020.[1]

Technology and products

Scitara SIP

Scitara SIP is described by the company as a cloud-based "scientific integration platform" or SIP that "connects every instrument, application and system in the lab to an independent, peer-to-peer platform ... so you can control where data goes and share it freely across your lab enterprise."[2] They add that the SIP "automates workflows to reduce human error and optimize human capital" and "transforms lab infrastructure, eliminating the silos that delay and disrupt critical research."[2]

The company states that the software has the following functionality[3]:

  • multi-directional digital data exchange for PC-based instruments
  • device connectors for non-PC-based instruments
  • web service connectors for enterprise informatics applications
  • QR code support for devices
  • monitored event stream
  • auditable chain of custody
  • orchestration dashboard
  • data archiving
  • asset management
  • compliance monitoring
  • advanced analytics


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