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Original author(s) John McMahon
Developer(s) Extentech, Inc.
Initial release October 19, 2006 (2006-10-19) (1.0.0 Beta)[1]

Unknown  (Unknown)

Written in Java
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in English
Type Document management software
License(s) Apache License v2.0

Sheetster was a free open-source web-based spreadsheet viewer and editor with server capabilities. It could be used for free via the website, or a free downloadable Sheetster Server Community Edition could be had. A fee-based commercial Pro edition of the server software also existed.

Product history

Sheetster was introduced by Java development company Extentech Inc., created by John McMahon, who "identified the need for a web spreadsheet platform to be the foundation for use cases not currently possible in desktop applications."[1] A beta 1.0.0 was released by the company in October 2006.[1]

In May 2012, Extentech announced it had merged with partner Infoteria Corporation, promising "the products and services we have provided you in the past will continue."[2]

Though you can download the software, it's neither clear what the current version is nor when it was released.

In 2019, the Sheetster website and the GitHub repository disappeared, presumably a casualty of the Infoteria-Extentech merger. The open-source project is presumably dead.


The main features of Sheetster included[3]:

  • classic Excel compatibility
  • granular security
  • REST data feeds
  • XSL transformations
  • data validation
  • import and export CSV, XML, and MHTML
  • concurrent edits
  • charting
  • chat
  • web scripting

Hardware/software requirements

There were no real software installation requirements for Sheetster as the Java Virtual Machine was included with the software for the Pro version. It's assumed to be the same for the free Community Edition.

Consult the installation page for more info.

Videos, screenshots, and other media

  • To demo Sheetster, you essentially signed up for an account on the main page.
  • Documentation for Sheetster was originally here. Account registration was needed to view some documents.

Entities using Sheetster

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