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Shimadzu Corporation
Type Incorporated
Industry Laboratory equipment
Laboratory informatics
Headquarters 1 Nishinokyo-Kuwabara-cho,
Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
, Japan
Area served Worldwide
Employees 9,819[1]

Shimadzu Corporation develops, manufacturers, and markets a wide variety of laboratory instruments. Shimadzu also develops and distributes a variety of laboratory informatics software solutions.


At some point in 2022 or 2023, the company removed its LIMSsolution offering from its Australia and Japanese sites (it was removed from the main Shimadzu page in 2016 or '17 but was still found on the Australasia and Japan sites), and the software is presumably discontinued.

Former offerings

LIMSsolution was a laboratory information management system (LIMS) that was optimized to be "directly linked to analytical and measuring instruments."[2][3]

Technology and products


LabSolutions is a suite of chromatography data systems (CDS) that "features an innovative operating environment and provides complete data management to ensure secure information in networked laboratories."[4] The three LabSolutions CDS solutions are:

LabSolutions LC/GC: "[E]nables simultaneous control and analysis of LC/GC systems and data for a more user-friendly environment"; optimal for labs with only a few users and instruments.[5]

LabSolutions DB: "[I]ntegrates a data management function with LabSolutions LC/GC and is compliant with the ER/ES Regulations"; optimal for labs with only a few instruments and no networking needs.[5]

LabSolutions CS: "[C]an read data from any personal computer on a network"; "analysis directions and instrument monitoring and control can be performed from a personal computer (client PC) not connected to the instruments"; optimal for large labs with many instruments and networking needs.[5]

A feature comparison of the versions can be found in the Shimadzu brochure.


Demonstration videos and other media

The following demonstration videos exist for the CDS LabSolutions CS:

Additional information


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