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Signals GmbH & Co. KG
Type Kommanditgesellschaft
Industry Laboratory informatics
Headquarters Graf-von-Stauffenberg-Allee 83, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Number of locations 1
Area served Europe
Key people Dr. Jakob J. Lopez

Signals GmbH & Co. KG develops and distributes laboratory and scientific informatics software solutions.


"Signals GmbH & Co KG was founded as a spinoff company from the Goethe University Frankfurt in 2014, by scientists from various backgrounds in experimental life science laboratories."[1]

Technology and products


LOGS is a scientific data management system (SDMS) that can help you "easily search and filter your lab data by metadata, such as samples, people and instruments"; automatically pulls, retains, and protects raw data and metadata; and makes it readily available from anywhere in the world for visualization and analysis.[2] The company states the SDMS has the following features[2]:

  • advanced query
  • automatic data backups
  • extraction and organization of data by metadata
  • granular data permissions, including external sharing
  • instrument and application integration, with automatic uploads
  • support for multiple data formats
  • support for multiple data visualizations
  • real-time view of data measurement and analyses
  • assists with FAIR data principle requirements
  • host data locally or in the cloud
  • data export from the platform
  • browser-based


Demonstration videos and other media

Additional information


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