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Chemical informatics academic programs

The following higher education providers offer academic programs labeled as "chemical informatics," "chemoinformatics," and "cheminformatics":


A wealth of universities exists around the world, physical and online. No guarantee is made this list is authoritative. If a program should be added, consider requesting an account and either add it (following the existing format) or request an addition.

Entity Country Bach/Assoc? Mast/PGD? Doc? Int/Res/Fel? Cert? Details
Michigan Technological University United States (MI) Y The college offers a Bachelor's program in computational chemistry and chemical informatics.
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Russia Y Y The Department of Molecular and Chemical Physics offers a bachelor's program in molecular physics and chemical informatics. It also offers a doctoral program that includes informatics, chemistry, and biological focuses.
University of Chemistry and Technology - Prague Czechoslovakia Y Y The university offers:
* Bachelor's program in chemical informatics
* Master's program in chemical informatics
University of Hamburg Germany Y Y The university offers:
* Bachelor's program in computing in science, chemistry focus
* Master's program in chemoinformatics. Also see: chemical informatics within the bioinformatics program
University of Massachusetts - Lowell United States (MA) Y Y Y The university offers:
* Bachelor's program in bio-cheminformatics
* Master's program in bio-cheminformatics
* Doctoral program in bio-cheminformatics