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Patient immobilization devices

  • BOHAP - Blue OverHead Arm Positioner

  • Karolinska Hospital (Sweden)(1998-2001) -- head mask vs head-and-neck mask setup
    • Randomized. 241/260 patients. H&N cancers excluding NPC. Arm 1) Head mask vs. Arm 2) Head-and-shoulder mask. Both Posicast thermoplastic masks. Assessed reproducibility (port films and table positions), patient tolerability (fit, pain, movement within, claustrophobia), and skin damage
    • 2005 PMID 15629618 -- "Randomized trial on two types of thermoplastic masks for patient immobilization during radiation therapy for head-and-neck cancer." (Sharp L, Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2005 Jan 1;61(1):250-6.)
      • Outcome: No difference in reproducibility of setup
      • Toxicity: Claustrophobia head mask 45% vs. head-and-shoulder masks 58% (SS), otherwise no difference in tolerability. Skin toxicity Grade 3 head mask 21% vs. head-and-shoulder mask 39% (SS)
      • Conclusion: Smaller head masks reduced claustrophobial and skin reactions, without compromising reproducibility of the setup

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