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Okay, the system retained the old talk page, so here's what I wrote:

Actually, two. The first is that this particular page should develop into not only a desription, but a list of those elements that a system must provide in order to be considered a LIMS. The individual elements would then be spec'd out on their own individual pages and related pages as necessary. The second proposal is that we make LIMS the true laboratory enterprise system. Encompassing all other major systems within it. Thus a LIMS must provide ELN, SDMS, CDS, etc. etc. functionality. What I don't like about this idea is that it will require a change in mindset of the industry, but then that's sort of what we're after. What I do like, is that we get to create the granularity that I personally think is key. Thus, no existing product is truly a LIMS, but a LIMS is what you get when you have implemented and integrated all of the parts. Any implementation that fails to complete that could be considered a LIMS, but only a partial LIMS or some such. I'll make a few edits on the page to capture what I'm after, but let's have a discussion about this.