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May 05, 2022:

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It was time to put a refresh to LIMSwiki's laboratory informatics specification LIMSpec 2019 R1, and today we release that update as LIMSpec 2022 R1. The update adds almost 30 new regulations, standards, and other guidance, and it updates or replaces another 11. Examples of significant additions include CLSI QMS22 Management of Paper-based and Electronic Laboratory Information, ACMG Technical Standards for Clinical Genetics Laboratories, and WADA International Standard for Laboratories. Some verbiage on existing requirements was also slightly tweaked where necessary. Like the previous version, the spec remains firmly grounded in ASTM E1578-18 Standard Guide for Laboratory Informatics. Hope you find the specification useful in your laboratory informatics acquisition and implementation efforts.

Shawn Douglas (talk) 22:42, 5 May 2022 (UTC)


January 25, 2022:

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It's early 2022, and it seems about time for a new guide. This time LIMSwiki takes a look at the medical diagnostic and research fields and how laboratory informatics factors into their operations. The Laboratory Informatics Buyer's Guide for Medical Diagnostics and Research first examines the many different types of sciences practiced in medical diagnostics and research, including pathology and molecular diagnostics, and the laboratories that use those sciences. Next, the guide addresses laboratory informatics and how its related applications address the needs of those labs, followed by numerous resources to assist with implementing informatics solutions in the lab. The guide closes with a chapter on using the request for information (RFI) to your advantage, as well as a customized specification document (LIMSpec) for medical diagnostics and research labs. Happy reading!

Shawn Douglas (talk) 17:50, 25 January 2022 (UTC)