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Reference documents saved or available

  • Massachusetts Laboratory Quality Assurance Program Plan (PDF)
  • MDPH-MMJ-MIPS Testing Protocol for Marijuana and Marijuana Products (PDF)
  • Guidance Doc - Third Party ISO Accreditation (.docx)
  • Exhibit 1 - Production Overview (PDF)
  • Exhibit 2 - Testing Requirements (PDF)
  • Exhibit 3 - Representative Sampling (PDF)
  • Exhibit 4 - Heavy Metal Limits (PDF)
  • Exhibit 5 - Pesticide List (PDF)
  • Exhibit 6 - Microbe Limits (PDF)
  • Exhibit 7 - Residual Solvent Limits (PDF)
  • Exhibit 8 - Response to Lab Results (PDF)
  • Hydrocarbon Revised Limits 11-23-16 (PDF)

Legal status of cannabis

Legalized for recreational (2016) and medical use (2013).

Regulatory Authority

Medical: Department of Health Recreational: Cannabis Control Commission

Regulatory scheme and titles of applicable statutes/codes

105 CMR 725.031 Registration of Independent Testing Laboratories (medical) 935 CMR 500.160 Testing of Marijuana and Marijuana Products (recreational, but just refers to the same protocol used by the medical testing) 'Protocol for Sampling and Analysis of Finished Medical Marijuana Products and Marijuana-Infused Products' 'Protocol for Sampling and Analysis of Environmental Media for Massachusetts Registered Medical Marijuana Dispensaries'

Testing facility licensing/registration requirements

Medical: Licensing required; medical testing license does not permit testing of recreational product unless a separate license is obtained Recreational: Licensure required; to date, no licenses have been granted (1 in works);

Testing facility physical plant requirements (include security requirements here)

Laboratory Practices and SOP requirements (or reference to guidelines or authorities the state law indicates labs must follow, e.g. USP 795

Personnel Requirements, Qualifications, Registration/Licensure

Inventory Tracking and handling of samples received by lab for testing

Sampling for testing requirements/methods

Products that require testing

Specific required tests for each product type

Required method for conducting required tests

Method validation, if no method is mandated and the lab develops its own testing method

Reporting results of testing (who, what, where, when, how)

QA/QC requirements (of the laboratory and lab practices

Record keeping requirements