Atos Managed Security Services

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Atos Managed Security Services
Founder(s) Bernard Bourigeaud
Headquarters River Ouest, 80 quai Voltaire, Bezons cedex, France
Number of locations 200+
Area served Worldwide
Key people Elie Girard (CEO)
Services Managed detection and response, security operation center,
and CERT services
Revenue €410 million (Big data and cybersecurity division, Q4, 2020)[1]

Atos Managed Security Services is a suite of managed security services (MSS) offered by Atos SE, a multinational cybersecurity and managed security services provider (MSSP). Accenture describes its MSS as providing "continuous protection in a rapidly changing world of threat" and being available "around the clock and across the globe."[2] As of June 2021, Atos is listed among the top 10 MSS providers around the world by several entities.[3][4]

Managed security services

Atos divides its MSS into three categories: managed detection and response, security operation center (SOC), and CERT services. Those services include[2]:

  • Managed detection and response: Provides 24/7 threat monitoring, hunting, and full-service response.
  • SOC services: Provides threat detection, analysis, and triage.
  • CERT services: Provides computer emergency readiness team (CERT) services, including policy definition, vulnerability management, incident response, threat intelligence, and vulnerability management.

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