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LIMSjournal - Winter 2016
Volume 2, Issue 4
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LIMSjournal - Winter 2016: Volume 2, Issue 4

This collection of 12 open-access journal articles loaded to LIMSwiki in October–December 2016 is compiled as a convenient, easy-to-access compilation. It is organized alphabetically by topic, with the author and publication year appearing at the end for your convenience.

1. Bioinformatics
Bioinformatics workflow for clinical whole genome sequencing at Partners HealthCare Personalized Medicine (Tsai et al. 2016)
The growing need for microservices in bioinformatics (Williams et al. 2016)
2. Health, clinical, and laboratory informatics
A benchmarking analysis of open-source business intelligence tools in healthcare environments (Brandão et al. 2016)
Health literacy and health information technology adoption: The potential for a new digital divide (Mackert et al. 2016)
The impact of electronic health record (EHR) interoperability on immunization information system (IIS) data quality (Woinarowicz and Howell 2016)
Pathology report data extraction from relational database using R, with extraction from reports on melanoma of skin as an example (Ye 2016)
3. Software and Big Data management
openBIS ELN-LIMS: An open-source database for academic laboratories (Barillari et al. 2015)
Molmil: A molecular viewer for the PDB and beyond (Bekker et al. 2016)
A robust, format-agnostic scientific data transfer framework (Hester 2016)
Challenges and opportunities of big data in health care: A systematic review (Kruse et al. 2016)
VennDiagramWeb: A web application for the generation of highly customizable Venn and Euler diagrams (Lam et al. 2016)
4. Miscellaneous
Critical questions for community informatics in practice from an ethical perspective (Wolske and Rhinesmith 2016)