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InterSystems HealthShare
Stable release
2021.1[1] / March 2021
Operating systemmultiple
TypeStrategic Healthcare Informatics Platform Edit this on Wikidata

InterSystems HealthShare is a comprehensive healthcare informatics platform designed to serve hospitals, Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), and regional and national Health Information Exchanges (HIEs).[2]


HealthShare includes health information exchange, data aggregation, work flow, text analysis, and analytics technology.[3] It connects to internal and external systems for HIE, and offers an integrated, universal view of all the data.[4] The software also offers a real-time analytics component, called Active Analytics, that continuously collects, aggregates, normalizes, and presents data from across and beyond the organization.[5] Because it is designed as a series of components that work securely together, HealthShare can be configured in a variety of ways, from clinical document sharing, to fully integrated private or public health information exchange.[6][7] HealthShare components include:[8]

  • Foundation
  • Composite Health Record
  • Clinician Viewer
  • Patient Index
  • Provider Directory
  • Terminology Engine
  • Consent Management
  • Clinical Message Delivery
  • Active Analytics

InterSystems HealthShare has been implemented in the state of Missouri,[9][10] state of Illinois,[11][12] state of Rhode Island,[13][14] New York eHealth Collaborative,[15] Brooklyn Health Information Exchange (BHIX) [16] HealthIX, Health Information Xchange of New York (Hixny),[17] [18] and Beaumont Health System. [19]


The HealthShare standards-based interoperability framework provides a scalable foundation for health information exchange. It connects data, applications, processes, and users internally and externally of an organization.[20]

Supported standards include:


The main competitors are vendors of other integration engines for healthcare such as Optum, eClinical Works, dbMotion, and MEDecision.


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