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International Medical Informatics Association
Founded1967; 57 years ago (1967)
FounderIFIP, International Federation of Information Processing: Technical Committee 4
TypeProfessional association
Legal statusRegistered under Swiss Law
FocusBiomedical and health informatics
Methodconferences, publications
National and Regional Associations and Universities
Brigitte Seroussi (President 2023-Present)
Key people
Elaine Huesing, (CEO, International Medical Informatics Association
Main organ

The International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) is an independent organization that plays a role in promoting and furthering the application of information science in modern society, particularly in the fields of healthcare, bioscience and medicine. It was established in 1967 as a technical committee of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP). It became an independent organization in 1987 and was established under Swiss law in 1989.[1]

Goals and objectives

Inherent in this mission is to bring together, from a global perspective, scientists, researchers, vendors, consultants and suppliers in an environment of cooperation and sharing.[2] The international membership network of national member societies, IMIA regions, corporate and academic institutional members, and working and special interest groups, constitute the "IMIA family".

IMIA organizes various conferences and events around the world and is currently focusing on "bridging the knowledge gap" by facilitating and providing support to developing nations. Specific goals include supporting the ongoing development of the African Region.

Code of Ethics for Health Information Professionals

The International Medical Informatics Association approved the endorsement of the IMIA Code of Ethics for Health Information Professionals at its General Assembly meeting on October 4, 2002, in Taipei. The code is the culmination of several years of a global collaborative effort led by IMIA's working Group on Data Protection in Health Information, Chaired by Professor Ab Baker.

In 2016, the General Assembly approved an updated version of the Code of Ethics, which was authored by Dr. Eike-Henner W. Kluge, Professor of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Victoria in Victoria, BC, Canada


IMIA membership consists of Society, Academic and Corporate Institutional and Affiliate Members and Honorary Fellows.

Society Members

Official Publications of the International Medical Informatics Association


Working and special interest groups

The IMIA family includes a growing number of Working and Special Interest Groups, which consist of individuals who share common interests in a particular focal field. The groups hold Working Conferences on leading edge and timely health and medical informatics issues.

IMIA Working Groups and Special Interest Groups include:

  • Accident & Emergency Informatics[4]
  • Data Mining and Big Data Analytics
  • Dental Informatics
  • Ethics, Privacy and Security in Health Informatics
  • Exposome Informatics
  • Francophone Special Interest Group
  • Health and Medical Informatics Education
  • Health Informatics for Development
  • Health Informatics for Patient Safety[5]
  • Health Information Systems (HIS)
  • Health Record Banking
  • History of BioMedical and Health Informatics[6]
  • Human Factors Engineering for Health Informatics
  • Language and Meaning in Biomedicine
  • Nursing Informatics Special Interest Group - IMIA NI SIG
  • One Digital Health
  • Open Source Health Informatics
  • Organizational and Social Issues
  • Participatory Health and Social Media
  • Primary Health Care Informatics
  • Smart Homes & Ambient Assisted Living
  • Standards in Health Care Informatics
  • Student & Emerging Professionals SIG
  • Technology Assessment & Quality Development in Health Informatics (WG 15)
  • Telehealth

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