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AINZ Corp.
Type Corporation
Industry Software development
Headquarters SE 75th Ave., Portland, Oregon, U.S.
Number of locations 2
Area served North America
Key people Emanuele Tozzato
Divisions 42⁺0 Technologies

AINZ Corp. develops and distributes software solutions for the cannabis industry.


AINZ Corp. was formally founded as a Delaware company in October 2016.[1] However, it's unclear what the legal status of its division, 42⁺0 Technologies, is before 2016. The 42⁺0 Technologies page indicates that it was founded in roughly 2010, when it began working on its PharmWare cannabis testing laboratory information management system (LIMS).[2] In 2014, 42⁺0 Technologies came to an agreement with PharmLabs, LLC "to offer PharmWare Cannabis LIMS as a solution for the cannabis testing market."[2][3] Eventually, 42⁺0 Technologies became 100 percent owner of PharmWare.[4] The PharmWare software reportedly became defunct at the end of 2018[2], though the website is still active as of December 2020.[4] The intended replacement appears to be LabFlow LIMS.[2][5]

Previous technology

PharmWare was a cloud-based laboratory information management system (LIMS) designed "around years of operations at PharmLabs."[6] PharmLabs, the company licensed to distrube PharmWare, claimed to provide weekly bug fixes and improvements, which were detailed via a newsletter and technical blog.[6]

Technology and products


LabFlow is a cloud-based LIMS for cannabis testing designed to be a "ISO/IEC 17025:2005 compliant laboratory automation platform, trusted by startup and leading cannabis and hemp analytical laboratories in the USA, Canada, and Europe for high-throughput workflow."[7]


Per the company website, pricing for LabFlow is on a sliding scale based upon number of samples. Examples include[8]:

PharmWare Pricing
One-time setup fee Monthly fee Average cost/test Tests/month
Contact vendor $300 $3.00/test 100 tests/month
Contact vendor $1,033 $2.10/test 500 tests/month
Contact vendor $2,100 $1.62/test 1,300 tests/month
Contact vendor $2,720 $1.36/test 2,000 tests/month

Demonstration videos and other media

The following demo videos exist for LabFlow:

Additional information


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