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CompuMedical Health Care Solutions SAE Co.
Type Sharikat al-Mossahamah
Industry Health informatics
Headquarters 26 Ali Amin St., Villa 903, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt
Area served Middle East
Products Rx-Care CIS, HIS, and PIS

CompuMedical Health Care Solutions SAE Co. develops and distributes software solutions for the healthcare sector.


Sometime in 2022 or 2023, the company removed its Rx-Care LIS offering from it's website, and the solutions is presumably discontinued.

Prior offerings

Rx-Care LIS was a laboratory information system (LIS) "designed for a wide variety of laboratory environments operating in many scientific and industrial disciplines."[1]

Technology and products

Rx-Care CIS, HIS, and PIS

As of December 2023, the company offers a healthcare clinic information system (CIS), a hospital information system (HIS), and pharmacy information system (PIS). See the company's various product pages for more details.