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Dorner GmbH & Co. KG
Type Kommanditgesellschaft
Industry Laboratory informatics
Headquarters Neuenburger Strasse 4, Müllheim (Baden), Germany
Number of locations 3
Area served Europe

Dorner GmbH & Co. KG develops and distributes clinical and laboratory informatics software solutions.


Technology and products


Dorner provides numerous solutions under the i/med name. Prominent among them is i/med Genetics, a laboratory information management system (LIMS) "for human genetics, pathogenetics, oncology, forensics, fertility centres, prenatal diagnostics, molecular genetics, [and] cytogenetics" laboratories, and i/med Hygiene, a LIMS for technical and microbiological hygiene laboratories.[1] Other solutions include i/med Workflow for healthcare workflow management, i/med Billing for billing management, i/med Organizer for medical appointment management, i/med EPA for patient file management, i/med Order Entry for laboratory order management, i/med Q/Docs for document management, and i/med Web for results reporting.[1]

B/Lab M/Lab, S/Lab, and X/Lab

B/Lab is modular LIMS for transfusion medicine labs that "covers the entire workflow from blood grouping to the management of different blood components."[1]

M/Lab is a modular LIMS the "ensures fast and efficient processing" for "microbiology, bacteriology, virology, parasitology, serology and hygiene" laboratories.[1]

S/Lab is a sample management solution which allows for "free definition of the master data, including a description of the structure of the storage locations," giving users the ability "to always keep an overview of all samples and evidence objects."[1]

X/Lab is a modular LIMS that "supports the complete routine in the [clinical] laboratory, from order placement to notification of findings and billing, including multi-stage validation, quality control and sample management."[1] The software is designed for managing "laboratory data in clinical chemistry, haematology, serology, hormone diagnostics and haemostasis" labs.[1]


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Demonstration videos and other media

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