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Type Limited liability company
Industry Informatics
Laboratory informatics
Headquarters 32 Pearl St., Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.
Number of locations 1
Area served Worldwide
Key people Barry Wark, Winston Braser
Products Ovation LIMS
LinkedIn, Inc. (doing business as "Ovation"[1]) develops and distributes the laboratory information management system (LIMS) software solution Ovation LIMS.


Physion was formally founded as Physion Consulting, LLC in March 2009, though the company changed its name to Physion, LLC in October 2013.[2] In mid- to late 2011, the company introduced its Ovation scientific data management system (SDMS) to the public, describing it as a tool that "handles the entire lifecycle of scientific data from acquisition to publication and beyond."[3][4] Development of the software happened in-house and on the company's GitHub account.[5] In 2012, CEO and co-founder Barry Wark shared the SDMS' data model with the INCF Neuroimaging and Neurophysiology Data Sharing Task Forces, comparing and contrasting it with the XCEDE 2 XML-based model developed by the Biomedical Informatics Research Network (BIRN).[6][7][8] After initially using relational databases to prototype the software, Physion later turned to IBM's Cloudant Dedicated Cluster in late 2014 for a more "scalable data layer that synchronizes data between the cloud and multiple local clients."[9] The company had also developed a Python API to allow "full functionality of the Ovation ecosystem from within Python."[10]

In January 2016, Physion implemented a series of new changes with the company's web presence and software offerings. The company shut down its domain[11], changed their business name to, Inc.[12], and seemingly phased out its Ovation SDMS for a new laboratory information management system (LIMS) called LIMS+.[13] The last known version of Ovation SDMS before that was 3.1.3.[14] (In March 2017, Physion, LLC withdrew its certificate of operation from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts[15] and presumably fell back on its Delaware certificate of operation for, Inc., which was finalized in March 2009.[12])

At some point in late 2016 or early 2017, the company backtracked on LIMS+[16][17] and decided to split the product up into two components: an SDMS-like "Research" component and a LIMS-like "Service Lab" component of the Ovation software platform.[18]

In early 2018, the company changed their approach yet again, ditching the "Research" and "Service Lab" concept, calling the software "Ovation Diagnostic," which "helps clinical labs rapidly streamline operations by easing the burden of many of the day-to-day logistics."[19] By the summer of 2018, the "Ovation Diagnostic" concept was dropped, and, presumably though not entirely clear, the LIMS product was simply called "Ovation."[20]

In February 2019, Ovation,io, Inc. registered as a foreign corporation—incorporated in Delaware—in the state of Massachusetts.[21]

Technology and products

Ovation LIMS

Ovation LIMS is a cloud-based laboratory information management system (LIMS) that supports "the entire lifecycle of functions from order entry to final billing."[22]


Pricing is not made public.

Demonstration videos and other media

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