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Roche Diagnostics IT Solutions GmbH
Former type Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
Industry Laboratory informatics
Fate Acquired
Defunct November 30, 2018 (2018-11-30)
Headquarters Pascalstraße 10
, Germany
Area served Europe
Parent Roche Deutschland Holding GmbH

Roche Diagnostics IT Solutions GmbH developed and distributed the laboratory information system software solution SWISSLAB.


F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. confirmed in November 2008 that it had bought Swisslab GmbH, which would be allowed to continue development of the SWISSLAB product.[1] The purchase was completed in early 2009, with the company declaring "[t]he name 'Swisslab' and the brands will continue to exist, as will the management, all employees and the Berlin location."[2]

In June 2017, requests to the domain began to be forwarded to Roche Diagnostics IT Solutions GmbH, who controls the development of Swisslab now.[3]

In October 2018, parent company Roche Deutschland Holding GmbH agreed to sell Roche Diagnostics IT Solutions GmbH and its two software solutions SWISSLAB and LAURIS to health informatics developer NEXUS AG. The apparent intention of NEXUS is to integrate the software into its hospital information system, quality management, pathology, and cytology software offerings. The transaction was scheduled to close on November 30, 2018.[4][5] As of January 2019, the NEXUS website does not list SWISSLAB and LAURIS, and it remains to be seen what the resulting integration of those solutions with NEXUS products will look like.

Technology and products


SWISSLAB was a modular laboratory information system (LIS) designed as "a common platform for all medical laboratories."[6]


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