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SGS Canada, Inc.
Type Incorporated (inc.)
Industry Analytical testing
Headquarters 6490 Vipond Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Number of locations Multiple
Area served Canada
Services Analytical testing, Cannabis testing

SGS Canada, Inc. is responsible for "conducting precise and accurate analytical testing, such as DNA fingerprinting and metals speciation for numerous business lines."[1] Among their services they include chemical Cannabis laboratory testing for the country's various cannabis programs.[2] That work appears to be done at its Markham, Ontario laboratory.[3]


The company was founded as a grain inspection services company in Europe in the late nineteenth century.[4] It appears the Canadian branch may have been founded in 1948[1] and seen several iterations since.[5]


SGS has numerous laboratory locations, which can be references here. For Cannabis testing specifically:


The company doesn't make its cannabis testing pricing public.

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